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Working hand-in-hand with area businesses, residents, and artists, the Council provides opportunities for the arts to be seen and heard in Broken Arrow. The Council is comprised of area residents, artists and business people who want to see to it that the arts are an integral part of the Broken Arrow landscape. But none of this happens without the support of residents like you that have the same passion for the arts as we do. Many of the events we put on are free to the public and provide aspiring artists a venue they would not normally have to showcase their talents. As such, we would like to encourage you to become a donor of this vital organization so the arts can continue to thrive in this great community. 

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As a donor you will be kept up to date on exciting arts programming in the community through our monthly donor newsletter. You will also receive special donor discounts and pre-sales to our paid programming. All donations and membership dues are tax deductible and go towards bettering the arts in the Broken Arrow community, as we are a volunteer organization. 

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