"Green Art, Red Wine" - Art After Hours

  • Your Design 211 South Main Street Broken Arrow, OK, 74012 United States

“Green Art, Red Wine”; the Broken Arrow Arts Council’s spring ‘Art After Hours’ event, has an amazing concept this year!

Do these pieces of art really rate an art show and are they really worth the purchase? Make plans to stop by and see for yourself.

“Green Art, Red Wine” will include artists that create sculpture, ceramics, pottery, assemblages, wall art, and other types of artwork constructed from found objects. This theme solicits artwork made with common items that you would normally think to discard. Recycled art is something that is beautiful, unique and/or timeless… it just happens to be created with junk.

This event is set for April 7th, 2016 from 5:30 to 8:30pm at Your Design located at 211 S. Main St.; in the heart of the Rose District. The spring ‘Art After Hours’ event will be sponsored by Arrow Group, Brown Kinion CPA and Your Design. It will showcase a greater number of artists than has been featured before and will have an extremely diverse collection of artwork for sell and to view.

Art After Hours has been a Broken Arrow Arts Council sponsored event for more than a decade. It allows people to experience a wide variety of visual art, music and poetry created by local artists for little to no cost. Through these events, the BA Arts Council provides a place to connect people in our community and honors the goal to introduce the arts to as many people as possible in a familiar setting.

There will be live music, delicious food and tasty wine provided for this event. As an added attraction, the unusual and bold living art created by ‘Exposed Courage’ will be available to interact with and view.

This show and sale is free and open to the public.